The best (somewhat racy) piece of business advice I ever got…

Dear Reader…

Some years ago, a mentor said the best way to make money is help people “get paid, get laid or get better.”

In other words, be in the money business, the sex business or the health business.

I’ve since spent much of my career on the first (money) and last (health) side of things.

Most of the time, as a direct response strategist and copywriter.

If you haven’t heard of “direct response”, it’s the answer to the question:

How many dollars do you (the client) get back for every dollar you’re spending on marketing and advertising?

Most businesses don’t know that number because they don’t have the team in place to create ads that track such things.

That’s where I come in…

My team and I work with select companies in industries where I…

… all in a way that makes their marketing accountable and seen as an “investment”, not an expense.

Specifically, we work with fast-growing companies in financial
publishing (“get paid”) and natural health (“get better”). We bring the best
results to firms with at least $1,000,000 a year who want to scale to $5,000,000
or $10,000,000 quickly.

Think you’re the right fit? Let’s chat.

Here’s how the media describes me…

Brandon is a direct-response marketing strategist, copywriter and best-selling author who has worked with clients in 8 countries and 3 languages over the last 20+ years. He’s been featured in numerous trade publications and on podcasts as well as mainstream media including SiriusXM, the iHeartRadio Network and the Jim Bohannon Show.

He’s also the co-author of, Why Fashion Brands Die, a book written with professor Michael Solomon, one of the world’s foremost authorities on consumer behavior.

What makes us special?

Three things specifically.

One: We’re obsessed with results. We want you to know how much money you’re making because of us.

Two: We’re obsessed about understanding your unique customers. The better you understand them, the more you will sell.

Three: We’re obsessed with serving just two industries.


Financial products, especially investment newsletters.

Our most well-known clients can all be found in this space – Agora, Casey Research, Eagle Publishing, Hard Assets Alliance.

We’re at our best when selling to all segments of the affluent / wealthy scale. That includes the born-wealthy (patricians), the “new money” (parvenus) and the aspirational money (poseurs.)


Natural health businesses

That includes one of the largest vitamin store chains in the country, as well as numerous supplement companies, naturopaths and chiropractors.

If you are in either of these two businesses… and especially if you sell to the affluent… and you want to know if your marketing and advertising is actually making money… well, then we stand heads and tails above the rest.

Shoot us an email and we’ll see if there’s a fit .

Millions of Dollars in Results…

Thousands of new subscribers in less than 14 days

I helped launch an (unproven) international investment newsletter that generated thousands of subscriptions and more than a quarter million dollars in sales in less than two weeks… without spending a single dime on advertising.

Millions of dollars’ worth of gold and silver sold

I worked with a precious metals purchase and storage solution. They sold millions of dollars of new metals to thousands of new customers during the months we worked on their marketing.

From no clients to a nine-month waiting list

I once developed and launched a new service helping affluent clients internationalize their wealth. We beat our sales predictions by more than 400% and quickly built up a backlog of nine months before ultimately having to stop taking clients.

Increased price five times with no drop in revenue

Building on the success of this wealth-internationalization service, we then built a sales team to more effectively sell at higher-prices. Over the space of a year, we had increased the price five times and turned the service itself into an engine of the business that generated a very healthy seven figures each year.

Grew his business 800%. He was able to buy a new house!

I grew a consultant-client’s business more than 800%. The profit he took out of the business was more than his total gross revenue before we started working together. He was able to buy a new house and renovate it extensively, take more vacations and invest more in his retirement.

Raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for a pre-IPO tech company

I generated hundreds of thousands of dollars from a single campaign for a highly speculative small-cap pre-IPO stock that went on to list on a stock exchange.

Sold more in a week than the previous six months

I wrote a letter for an asset protection product. All I did was take existing products and bundle them together into a new package. We then sold it to the client’s existing list. We made more product sale revenue during that week than the client had sold for the previous six months!

Client used to charge $50 for consults. Now he gets $500 an hour.

Most skilled service providers undervalue their services. One client in particular especially so. So when we started working together, I suggested he double his hourly fee. Demand actually went up from qualified prospects. So we doubled it again. And then nearly doubled it once more. At the end of the day, we had increased his standard billing rate to nearly 10x what he started with and positioned him as a leading expert in his field. As a side benefit, not only did the quality of his clients increase dramatically, but getting rid of tire kickers freed up dozens of hours every month.

Sold $216,000 in coaching on the first try!

Early in my career, I was once brought in to develop and sell (in person) a $12,000 a year coaching program. I took a red eye across the country. On the first pitch to a room of aspiring entrepreneurs, I sold $216,000 worth of programs.

$600,000 in extra coaching revenue over two years

Following the success of that first coaching program, a real estate investment training group asked me to help them build their own $12,000 a year program. The clients were real estate investors who needed third party money to continue acquiring properties. They joined my group to learn how to attract third party silent investors. Over two years, I generated $600,000 in direct coaching revenue for the training group. The clients themselves were able to raise millions of dollars for their ventures.

“…rare one who can go deeper into the strategic side of things.”

As a result of Brandon’s work I was able to go deeper; to look beyond just the promotion to help spot things that could make the business as a whole better (more revenue, more profit, more enjoyable…) I’ve worked with people in the past that just focused on the tactical side of things. While that has its place, Brandon is a rare one who can go deeper into the strategic side of things.

He offered a big insight when it came to my target customer. He was able to identify another niche — one that’s able to pay the higher fees for a higher-level service. This insight alone could multiply my revenue many times over the coming years.

Also, I appreciated that Brandon adapted his approach to fit what worked best for me. Specifically, the high level of detail and actionability of the advice.

If you’re ready to level up your business revenue, then I can’t recommend Brandon highly enough.

Shawn Cartwright

TCCII, Washington, DC

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