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Money has a certain magnetism.

In my case, money would end up becoming the heart of my career. Although that wasn’t always clear.

Like many folks that start in marketing (in my case, building websites in the late 90s), I was a generalist. 

But then, in 2007, I got my first financial client. And everything changed.

I was fascinated. I learned everything I could about the business. I took informal and a few formal courses (including my CSC, which would let me offer investment services to Canadian clients.)

By 2009, I was working in the US and Canada – raising capital for small-cap tech stocks and real estate.

In 2010, I was asked to build an online community of HNWI and UHNWI investors who wanted to invest internationally. And everything changed again.

Within a few years, I was working with clients and colleagues around the world, in dozens of countries, from paper investments to (more) real estate to precious metals.

Over that time, I learned:

That’s where I come in…

My team and I work with select companies in industries where I…

… all in a way that makes their marketing accountable and seen as an “investment”, not an expense.

Specifically, we work with fast-growing companies in financial
publishing (“get paid”) and natural health (“get better”). We bring the best
results to firms with at least $1,000,000 a year who want to scale to $5,000,000
or $10,000,000 quickly.

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A Summary of Results

Following is a summary of results achieved for select clients. For privacy reasons, most of the groups I’ve worked with prefer I don’t share their identity if I share information about their project – lest it give insights into active strategies they use to generate revenue.
I can say that current and past clients have involved:

Some of these clients often ask me to build out a team of professionals to help them continue to implement the sales and marketing systems I build for them. As a result, I’m quite comfortable working with teams – both as part of a team and in leading one. 

Many of these projects have an international focus – located in one country to sell to clients in another country.

A lot of my work has involved working with clients in the US, Canada and the EU (including a heavy focus on Switzerland.)

In the case of capital raises, in order to stay compliant with regulatory requirements, all investors have been required to be accredited.

Client #1

International Finance & Asset Protection

Was responsible for managing all aspects of marketing for an international finance and asset protection service provider. Develop creative promotional ideas and content strategy, and wrote much of the compliance-approved promotional copy myself. Tools used included direct mail, telemarketing, content syndication, collaborations, content marketing and email marketing.

Relevant Results:

Personally sold more than US $2,000,000 in personal services to HNWIs and UHNWIs on behalf of the firm.
Client #2

US-based Investment Publisher

A well-known US-based investment publisher asked me to develop a community of wealthy (Mass Affluent, HNWI, UHNWI) investors who wanted to invest internationally.

Relevant Results:

Client #3

Precious Metals Wholesaler

A very large and well-known precious metals wholesaler with vaults in Singapore, Switzerland, London, the US and other locations built an online platform that would allow the purchase of allocated and unallocated precious metals by consumers for the first time. I was asked to head up the campaign to find and convert new customers.

Relevant Results:

Client #4

Swiss Asset Manager

A boutique Zurich-based asset manager was looking for some assistance in generating new clients for one of their standardized funds. My schedule was full with other engagements at the time, but I was comfortable with the family-run firm and agreed to help by connecting a few clients who might be a good fit.

Relevant Results:

Client #5

Swiss Wealth Manager

An independent Zurich-based wealth manager approached me to find new clients for their premier investment service. I created a multi-media event-based campaign to introduce them to potential HNWI and UHNWI clients.

Relevant Results:

Client #6

Canadian pre-IPO

A Vancouver-based pre-IPO firm was preparing to list in Toronto and needed additional capital to sustain itself through that process. I was brought on to develop marketing assets and assist directly in obtaining funding from accredited investors.

Relevant Results:

If you are in either of these businesses… and especially if you sell to the affluent… and you want to know if your marketing and advertising is actually making money… well, then we stand heads and tails above the rest.

Shoot us an email and we’ll see if there’s a fit .

Compliance as a Differentiator

I’ve noticed that many sales and marketing professionals are unfamiliar with the legal, licensing and regulatory requirements that come with finance and investment related fields.

This is a shame because ignorance of this area not only wastes the compliance team’s time, but it can open the firm up to regulatory or legal risk.

For that reason, I have spent a considerable amount of time learning about and keeping myself informed on the marketing and sales related requirements that come in this field.

That includes, among other things:

When clients work with me, they get a professional who takes these matters seriously.

Want to work together?

If you’re a fast-growing business in the financial publishing or natural health field – and you make (total) revenue of at least $1,000,000  per year — let’s chat and see if I can help you grow to $5,000,000 or even $10,000,000 with proven marketing programs!  Email us to set up an introductory, no-obligation call.

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