6 September 2022

How do you sell to a 10-year-old?

A large financial publisher once did an analysis of their most successful promotions.

They wanted to know what made them successful so they could “engineer” more winners.

And yes, things like a strong hook, strong proof and a compelling offer were all important.

But one thing jumped out at me…

Their best performers were all written at a grade five reading level.

For 10-year-olds in other words.

Now, remember… these are financial newsletter pitches.

They are for investors. For “sophisticated” audiences.

So why were they written so simply? What made them work?

Because the prospect doesn’t want to have to think.

They aren’t dumb. But they’re busy. And thinking takes time they don’t have.

They want to know what you’re selling so they can make a decision… quickly.

Making the language as easy as possible helps them do that.

Simply written pieces get more readers.

And, all things being equal, the piece that is read more will get better results.

About the Author

Brandon Roe is a direct-response marketing strategist, copywriter and best-selling author who has worked with clients in 8 countries and 3 languages over the last 20+ years.

He helps firms in the financial publishing and natural health industries use proven marketing to grow their sales faster.